Final CBT Session

It’s been a long time but I have finally finished therapy! I have come a long way and changed loads since my first one, even I am shocked at how well this has worked. I would recommend CBT to anyone going through any mental health difficulties, big or small! It really has helped me a … More Final CBT Session

People LOVE You

People love you. I can guarantee you can think of at least one person who completely loves you. Whether this be your friend, family member, partner, dog – it really doesn’t matter who they are you just have to remember, no matter how bad it gets, they really love you and will be by your … More People LOVE You

First CBT Session

I have just finished my first telephone CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) session and it went pretty well. Prior to the session I was given a big booklet containing all of the information and task pages I would need throughout my CBT and was asked to read through the first 8 pages. Most of it was … More First CBT Session