In September 2015 I embarked on the next chapter of my life; going to university and unfortunately developing depression. I was only officially ‘diagnosed’ in July 2016 but I wanted to share my progress with the help of NHS therapy on this blog.

I have two reasons for starting this blog. Firstly, it was my new years resolution this year and secondly, in order to help others who are experiencing or have experienced the same, have dilemmas (like I frequently do) or those who are interested or would like to learn more and follow my progress.

My ultimate aim is to be ‘normal’ again. My normal means being confident and happy like I used to be. I hope this blog will help myself and others achieve this.

I also love reading and writing poetry so I post book reviews and some on my own writings which I hope you find enjoyable to read. Along with other various lifestyle posts in which I will write about anything that takes my fancy.

So enjoy and feel free to email me any questions, debates or comments you may have 🙂 I will reply to everyone.