Bon Appétit by Katy Perry

Last week, Katy Perry dropped us a new single! There was a lot of promotion around this song, she asked all the fans to bake her the ‘world’s best cherry pie’ saying that a surprise will come at the end of the week. Of course the surprise was a new song! Listen to it here:

On my first listen I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on it as it sounded repetitive and I didn’t enjoy Migos’ bit in the song. But now, after several (hundred) more listens I now really enjoy the song, despite the negative reaction it has received.

The song has a very summery, fun sound to it and it is an easy going pop dance song. The lyrics are very food sexual with a lot of euphemisms. Very obvious euphemisms. I think the lyrics were supposed to come across as sexy, sweet but they sound more goofy than anything. I am not keen on the lyrics because they are, lets be honest, terrible. But still, I like the whole food theme, it just could have been executed more subtly.

That being said, the theme is reminiscent of Katy’s one of the boys era, which is such a good look for Katy! I hope there will be a video to this song as that may make it 100x better (or worse).

All in all, this song is okay. It is easy and fun to listen to. There isn’t really much else to say about it. Let’s hope she is saving up for a groundbreaking album.



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