Ditching the Contraceptive Pill

Within the last 6 months a study was released claiming that the contraceptive pill had serious side effects affecting mental health, read my post about it here. On my journey through depression I wanted to get rid of anything in my life that could effect me, one of those being the pill.

I researched my pill, Desogestral and the side effects of it finding that it was actually one of the worst pills with depressive side effects! Obviously I was shocked as my doctor did not make me aware of this possible side effect and when I went to him with depression he still did not suggest that my pill could at least be a cause. So, I decided I would like to reduce all risks of mental illness and came off the pill.

The first week my hormones were raging and so was my temper, I got very agitated at little things whilst my hormones and body settled. But, this only took a week and since then I have felt great! I honestly feel a lot happier and less bothered by small things that would usually upset me. I feel as if my head is a lot clearer, it is hard to explain but it feels as if I have returned to a ‘normal’ life with less drama, or at least made up drama in my head. I know that these feelings may be caused by other factors in my life but I feel as if i know my body pretty well and it is thankful to be natural again and not ruled by the pill.

However, I have recently started my first period in almost 2 years and the pain has come back full force. I hadn’t forgotten how bad my periods were but I took not having them for advantage! Although it is inconvenient and painful, I don’t mind having my periods back really. They are better than what I suffered whilst on the pill.

The only problem now is contraception and what else is available for me that will not change my hormones. I went back to the doctors to discuss this and he advised me that obviously there are condoms or I can have the copper coil inserted. I was pretty shocked that this was the only non hormonal effective contraceptive available but I think I will give it a try. The copper coil is also not as rare as it sounds, talking to others about it, it is clear that many young people actually prefer the coil and use this as a contraceptive method because of the hormonal problems of other methods.

If you are thinking of coming off the pill for whatever reason – do it! It was such a good decision for myself and I would definitely recommend you go to the doctor and discuss other methods that are right for you.


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