The Rest of Berlin!

Last week I posted about the pretty crazy journey to Berlin, read about it here!  Luckily, the rest of the holiday was a lot more relaxed and fun!

After the first thing we did (nap) we then went out to get food – so much for a cultural holiday! We found a cute little cocktail bar which we ate at. Not realising it was two for one I ordered a cocktail and the waitress bought me two! So, as you can imagine we got carried away on cocktails and stayed in the bar for a very long time and racked up a very expensive bill (oops). That is the only problem with Berlin, it didn’t seem expensive but our money dwindled very quickly.

The next day was probably our best day. The sun was shining and we visited so much in one day! We started off going to see Brandenburg gate;

DSC00171But unfortunately, we didn’t have much information so when we saw all the sights we didn’t know fully what the history was (until we got home and my brother told me). We sat at an outside food stall facing the gate (or Brandenburg Tor in German) and I ate my first CurryWirst – not a sausage skin filled with curry like I first thought (haha) but in fact sausage in a curry sauce, it was delicious.

We then went to a holocaust memorial and museum;


It was made up of a maze of giant concrete blocks which gave the place an eerie sense of calm. It felt strange and melancholy in the maze and the museum was extremely sad. Everyone in there walked in silence, reading every word about the horrors of the holocaust. There were letters and postcards from the people who were subjected to the horrors, I can’t explain how it felt reading them. This place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Berlin, it is free and very eye opening.

After this, we tried to find the Berlin wall. My boyfriend had visited Berlin before and claimed it was nearby so we walked around for ages trying to find it, turns out it was on the other side of the city! But we did find some bits of it;



We also accidentally wondered to Checkpoint Charlie;

After a long day, we went back to the area we were staying in (Charlottenburg) and went to a very yummy, very cheap restaurant called the Buffalo Grill and ate schnitzel (we went back a few days later and I had the best cocktail in my entire life called the Watermelon man).

The next day we had planned to visit Berlin Tierpark (the zoo, to see the baby polar bear!!) but it was raining and cold so we decided to visit Alexanderplatz instead. We were travelling along on the train when we stopped at a random tiny station and everyone got off the train. We were so confused, speaking very little German we had no clue what was going on. A lady came up to us, who spoke very little English to try and explain what was happening. She made her hand into a gun and pretended to shoot me, paying ‘pow pow’. Obviously, we were a bit concerned at this point. The announcements said ‘Achtung politzie…’ I don’t remember exactly but we knew it said ‘Attention’ and then something to do with the police.

Anyway we had no choice but to walk to the next station – which took ages!! I was very grumpy at this point having to walk in a random place, in the rain and with no food. When we finally arrived at the big central station, the first thing we saw was two policemen, with guns, walking into the station and into a private door. If anyone can tell me what exactly was going on on the 1st March in Berlin that would be appreciated!

Once we arrived I grabbed some food from a place called the Crobag and we got on a train to Alexanderplatz. To be honest there wasn’t much to do here and it was very cold outside but we saw the big tower;


We didn’t go up it though. We also say the Berlin dome;


And we tried to sneak into a museum without paying but got caught!

Once back at the hotel, my boyfriend took me to my first ever Hard Rock Cafe – it was so cool in there and the food was delicious. In the Berlin one we saw David Bowie’s guitar, John Lennon’s jacket, Elvis’ belt, Gene Simmons’ Guitar, Shakira’s dress, Madonna’s jacket and many more;

The next day we actually went to see the Berlin wall and it was cold and rainy again, but still a fun day;

After walking along the wall we stopped at a very dodgy looking cafe under the train station bridge. Turns out it was delicious and so cool in there! We ate schnitzel and I ordered the wrong thing but it was tasty anyway.

After the wall we had some time so decided to visit the Dali exhibition as he is my favorite artist! My boyfriend didn’t want to go but it was an excuse for him to get out of the cold! Unfortunately, they didn’t have all of his very famous paintings but they had a few and lots of his sketches. There was one room where you could sit and watch his films and videos and it was crazy. My boyfriend doesn’t like art much and he was so baffled by all of it, especially the video. It was hilarious. Watch it here.

The next day was our final day and we were flying home that evening so we decided to finally visit the baby polar bear at the Tierpark! We figured out our route and arrived, I had never seen a bear before and was so excited to see the baby polar bear BUT THE POLAR BEAR EXHIBITION WAS CLOSED!! After all that and the only reason we came, we couldn’t see him! But we still had a good day and I did get to see a sunbear.

Then we traveled to the airport, scraped together the last of our pennies to share a drink and came home!

Berlin is an amazing place, full of lovely people and great sights. Plus the whole holiday was super cheap! I am definitely going back there one day.


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