Flying to Berlin

I began writing this post and realised I have too much to say. So, part 1 is about the disastrous trip to the airport.

A few weeks ago I visited Berlin for the first time and it was such a beautiful place! I visited with my boyfriend on the Monday to Friday and the whole holiday was very last minute and cheap. The flights only cost £29 (originally) return and the hotel was super cheap too (I can’t remember exactly how much but the week was only just over £100 – although we did spend a lot there).

First of all we almost didn’t even make it and almost missed the whole holiday. Our flight left at 7.20 am so we had to get up and leave for the airport at about 3.30/4 am – very early! BUT, we slept through all the alarms and woke at 5 am!! We both jumped out of bed and gathered everything we had together and quickly jumped in the car. We were both very grumpy and knew we wouldn’t make it. On the very tense journey we also got stuck in traffic. Once we finally arrived we still had a 15 minute bus journey from the long stay parking and we were cutting it very very close. We arrived in the airport at 7.05 and still had to get through the very slow security! I asked if there was any possibility we could jump to the front and a grumpy airport worker told me there was nothing she could do, we should have arrived earlier (YES WE KNOW THAT!). Anyway once we finally got to security I waltzed through without taking off my shoes like they asked and was ready to run to the gate when my boyfriend’s hand luggage got stopped (luckily we didn’t bring suitcases to put on the plane too). It was now 7.20 and his bag was at the back of the queue to get checked. We both looked at each other with defeat, the gate would have closed – we were sure we’d missed our flight at this point.

After a few minutes the airport security found a bottle of shampoo in my boyfriends bag (for gods sake) and we were allowed to go. We both thought we may as well still try to catch the plane, it could have been delayed – you never know. Unfortunately, our gate was a 10 MINUTE WALK away. So we sprinted and did it in about 5 minutes (I don’t actually know how long we were running but it felt like ages). We were jumping over bags and bumping into angry passengers but all we cared about was getting on that flight. Looking back it was quite fun and like something in a movie!

We were running around the last few corners and finally we made it to the gate and if luck would have it, the plane hadn’t left yet! People were still in the queue! We were so exhausted and thankful we joined the back of the queue and high-fived (we are lame). Even luckier the drinks machine next to us in the queue had leftover money in it and gave us a free drink as if it knew the trouble we had been through to make it to that point.

Finally we arrived in Berlin … and the first thing we did was have a nap.



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