Lady Gaga – John Wayne: Video Review

After an amazing Superbowl Halftime performance and announcement of her world tour (which I didn’t get tickets for!! 😦 ) Lady Gaga released a surprise video for her song ‘John Wayne’. As if this month hasn’t been explosive enough for Lady Gaga!

I love music videos and John Wayne is one of my favourite tracks on the album so I was quite excited when this video was released.

First of all IT CARRIES ON FROM THE MILLION REASONS VIDEO!!! I love this sequence of videos so so much, first it was Perfect Illusion which carried onto Million Reasons which has carried onto John Wayne! I love this story like sequence of videos as if they were all filmed consecutively. This could be unraveling the story of love; it wasn’t real love but a perfect illusion, there are a million reasons to let go of the one you love, but we are strung out on the typical city bad boy represented through John Wayne. It is like a beautifully tragic love story.

This video has a comical element to it, Lady Gaga literally ‘hangs off the back of the horse’ and gets hit by a branch. This shows how her lover is wild and may hurt her and leave her clinging on for her life but it is pretty exhilarating and fun.She also gets a glass smashed on her head from one of the bad boys, once again showing their reckless, careless behavior. But instead of leaving, Gaga chases the fun on her own motorbike.

The video has loads of jump-cuts, very similar to the Perfect Illusion video to represent the fast pace of life with these wild bad boys. Her and the guy who threw a bottle at her head then drive crazily and recklessly, whilst drinking, smoking, kissing, shooting guns etc (this is not a good way to drive). Eventually, and probably inevitably, they crash the car. To me, I see this as the chase to get a crazy boy like this, then the crazy ride whilst with them and the crash of it all ending in a big explosion.

Gaga’s shoes turn into guns at the end of the video and she accidentally shoots herself with the comical ‘oops’ wording filling the screen at the end. This video is very light hearted and funny, it is similar to some of her older videos.


There are so many costumes in this video it is amazing!

Obviously, the video starts with Gaga’s signature Joanne look with the perfectly cut and pristine pink suit and hat. She also wears this outfit whilst climbing into the car which gets ripped and dirty and destroyed until she is left wearing just the ripped Joanne trousers and a white top! This could be a perfect representation of how her pristine suit has been ruined and torn apart, just like Gaga before being with the guy and after him tearing her apart on the crazy trip of their love affair.

She then wears a denim jacket whilst riding on the horse which is what all of the ‘bad boys’ are wearing whilst driving the car. This outfit is comfortable and rugged looking, which fits with the video.

Her leather body suit on the motorbike is incredible!! This is my favourite outfit of the video, she looks so good in it! The black hat also leaves hints as to the Joanne theme but with a hint of ‘Joanne gone bad’.

She then switches to more leather in her dancing parts with a red leather jacket over her new era look of denim shorts and a tiny top (although I think it is more of a bra). The bra is sequined and glittery, similar to her Halftime show performance outfits. Also during the dancing she wears a big frilly coat over her usual small top and shorts.

The outfit she is wearing towards the end of leather and a corset is very similar to her old outfits, especially when paired with her signature fringe. It is in this outfit when she gets shot so it may be that Gaga is shooting her younger self (the version of herself that loves the wild rides with men) so that she can grow up and become more sophisticated.

Overall, this video is funny and I really enjoyed watching it! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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