Chained to the Rythm -Katy Perry

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of Katy Perry – I still have her posters in my room and I have been a fan since the beginning. So you can imagine my excitement when this week Katy surprised us (the KatyKat fandom and the world) with a new song! Her last album was released in 2013 so this was a long time coming (apart from her Olympic song Rise) and it did not disappoint!!

There is a cute little lyric video she released with the song:

When the real video is released I will review that!

The song is very funky sounding with a very catchy tune. I woke up this morning with the song stuck in my head so I think it will be a big hit.

Katy’s promotion of this song was also awesome! She placed giant disco balls around the world which you could plug your earphones into to hear the song early before the real release. There was only one in the UK, in London which would usually be impossible for me to get to but I was actually in London that day! But I didn’t know about the disco balls until I was out of London which was quite annoying!! But I heard snippets beforehand anyway and there was only one day to wait anyway.

The song features Skip Marley, who is okay in the song but then again I generally do not like rappers featuring in pop songs. Katy posted a few weeks ago about Skip Marley on twitter which could have been a hint that they were working on something together – but no one picked up on the hint!

The single artwork is also amazing – I really do think it is so pretty and sums up the song very very well. I like that her fingers create the rose tinted glasses that we all see the world through. It is very resonant with Katy’s new found feminism and I think the aesthetic of it is so simple and pretty.e7fbb6d2d0661b843397264775eab685.1000x1000x1.jpg

The only problem with it that may become an issue is the colours used, they are pretty much exactly the same as Lady Gaga’s Joanne colour scheme. I really like the colour scheme for Joanne but I don’t want Katy’s new album to look too similar. This is also very evident in her new look: qjoa5w9d

Don’t get me wrong – I really really love her new look but it is just a little too similar to Lady Gagas current look.

Listen to chained to the Rhythm here:

Chained To The Rhythm – Katy Perry

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I can’t wait for the new album!


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