For my 21st birthday my boyfriend (we will call him B) payed for a trip to Blackpool for us! On the actual day of my birthday he gave me two unwrapped ‘presents’ in a carrier bag; a bottle of salty water and a bag of black licorice sweets. Awful presents right? I don’t even like black licorice! But of course these were just hints as to where we were going away. I guessed straight away Blackpool but no one was giving it away (apart from his Dad who accidentally let it slip in the car which I miraculously didn’t hear because I was daydreaming!). A few days later we got in the car and the SatNav told me my guesses were right – we were going to Blackpool for a long weekend!

Our hotel was on the sea front and in a big beautiful, old-fashioned building. B had even payed extra to have a sea view, which was beautiful. When we arrived we watched the sun set into the sea and it was lovely. Literally perfect.


Afterwards, we went out to the arcade and to a standard pub for a meal and drinks. There was a deal on in which you buy two large glasses of wine and get the bottle for free so obviously I had that by myself. Several hours later, we had eaten and were quite tipsy after several more drinks. Well, I was pretty drunk actually and on the way home sneaked onto the closed off beach and ran towards the sea. But didn’t make it because apparently there is quick sand so B took me back.

The next day B had payed for us to go up the tower and down the dungeons. BUT, I had a terrible hangover and was sick several times in the morning. I was pretty sad because I was so excited to go up the tower and I just wished I hadn’t drunk so much wine. I managed to make it up and outside (which is a massive effort for me) and the cold sea breeze actually cleared my head a little.


The tower was amazing. It was rainy and cloudy but you could still see for miles and miles. It was incredible, definitely my favourite part of the trip. I am not very good at taking pictures but below is the glass floor and the pier:

It was even nicer up there because there were only 6 of us; 3 couples, so it wasn’t busy and we could spend as long as we liked. In fact one couple ended up being everywhere that we went, in the arcade, up the tower and in the dungeons!!

After wards we went for lunch at Harry Ramsdens world famous fish and chips. And I tried my FIRST EVER fish. And it was so tasty I couldn’t believe I had missed out on eating fish my entire life. We booked a slot to go into the dungeons and spend the hour before in the dungeon tavern.They did some scary and interesting sounding cocktails but unfortunately I was still feeling a bit fragile.

The dungeon was so much fun and a lot less scary than I anticipated (although it was still scary!). It was very funny and interesting to go round. The characters were really engaging and hilarious. There was one part where we had to try and find our way through a corridor of mirrors and it was so confusing what was a mirror and what was not, whilst it also being dark and scary, not knowing if someone will jump out at any point.

This day was so amazing I had such a good time and would recommend the tower and dungeons to anyone! For dinner we went to a really cute american diner that was hidden away up some stairs.

For the next day we had booked to go to a funny girls drag show in the evening, one of their last Christmas shows.The tickets were remarkably cheap, much cheaper than a cinema ticket and so much more fun! We both had no idea what to expect or what to wear but it was amazing!! We could have dressed up way more than we did and next time I go to one (there will definitely be a next time) I am going to dress up head to toe in sparkles because pretty much anything goes. The show consisted of several short dances and routines with DJ Zoe playing music, doing shout outs and generally being mean to people in between. At the end there was a final show of Cinderella but obviously a funnier, ruder version than the traditional tale. It was so funny, we had such a good time. Everyone there was super friendly and drunk. It even influenced B, who was a little drunk, to act completely camp for the rest of the evening, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has gone and signed up to be a drag queen now.


The next day it was time to leave. 😦 We visited a nearby village called Lytham and I ate my first whole fish. We walked along the beach for hours in search of a fish and chips shop. But it wasn’t so bad because there seemed to be some big dog walking event on so we saw hundreds of really cute dogs.

If anyone is thinking about a UK holiday destination, I would definitely recommend going to Blackpool. Especially in the winter months because it was quieter and so much more relaxed. It was the perfect birthday!




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