Lady Gaga – Million Reasons Video

Finally we are getting the Joanne album music videos. I have reviewed the album (spoiler: I love it!) which you can read here. So watch the video for Million Reasons below:

The video follows on from the end of the Perfect Illusion video which is amazing because it shows her story and progression with love through the songs. I love it when music videos come together to make one long story. She lies worn out and vulnerable after the crazy, high energy love shes been disillusioned into thinking was real.

This video has a sad energy to it. She is being made up by make up artists, but she is melancholy throughout. This could represent how she is being made to put on a brave face no matter what personal troubles she is going through. Speaking of, her make up in this video is beautiful and classic, everything Joanne is.

This is a beautiful song about a fading love, she wants to hold onto this person but there are an endless amount of reasons why this person is bad for her. But she desperately tries to find one good reason to stay. This song could be about her ex fiance Taylor Kinney, which would make sense as it follows on from ‘Perfect Illusion’ in which she thought she was in love but now realises there is no good reason for her to stay with him. However, as the album was made in memory of her Auntie Joanne this song could be about her. The lyrics and video suggest it is written in Joanne’s perspective, in that she has no reasons to stay alive due to all her suffering. She is looking for one good reason to stay in this life. In the video, Gaga receives a gift of rosary beads with the note ‘love you sis’. I interpret this to Lady Gaga as Joanne and she is suffering but receives the gift of faith from her brother (Gaga’s father) which can be her good reason to stay.

Gaga or the character Gaga is playing is rescued by people who love her, shown by their running to help. She cries which is a really unsettling thing to see. Whenever I see people crying I feel like crying myself but when it is someone I love (I really look up to Lady Gaga) it makes me feel really sad.

Her costume is the same pink suit and hat she has made the theme of this album. I really love it, she looks so classy and simple in the scenes when she is just singing with a guitar.

This video is beautiful and a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful song. I love it, let me know what you think below!





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