Book Review: Full Circle by Mona Ingrim

I got this book for free off the Amazon Kindle bookstore and to be honest, I only read it because I had nothing else to read. I am glad I did read it though it was a lovely, heart warming little story, I would recommend reading it as it was very good value for a free book! I probable would not pay full price for it though, it was just simple, easy reading.

The story was quite fast paced, several years could pass in just a few paragraphs but it made it less boring in some ways. The characters were probably my favourite thing about this book, every woman was strong and independent, perhaps apart from the grandmother. I especially liked Bella because she managed to build herself an amazing life from nothing and her commitment and love was beautifully portrayed. There were some twists and drama which made me cringe slightly but they were over very fast because time seemed to speed through this book.

This was a funny book and made me smile a few times, it was warming and I felt proud of some of the characters. This is a book for empowering women, or men who love to read about strong women. It detailed the closeness of female relationships and how they can achieve anything they set their mind to despite unexpected difficulties, such as an unknown pregnancy.

Read this if you have a kindle and can get it for free because it is cute and a nice story.

My Rating: 4/10

Favourite Character: Bella


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