My Blog is My Resolution

I achieved my New Year resolution this year and you are reading it! At the start of 2016 I told myself I will create a blog this year. I had no idea what my blog was going to be about but I knew I needed to do some writing that is unrelated to my university work to give me a break every now and then, a blog was the perfect solution!

It started out looking like every other New Year resolution; starting with good intentions but eventually failing. I wrote some practice blog posts on word but nothing felt right. I couldn’t come up with a solid topic that I was passionate about and could write about continuously each week or month. So I gave up with the idea of a blog. No one would read it anyway, not that that matters to me, I write because it helps me and I enjoy it so why not?

I soon forgot about this idea of a blog and carried on with my life. Unfortunately, I developed depression, which is awful but in relation to by blog it is a blessing in disguise. In my darkest times all I could do to cope was write poems and stories. Any kind of writing helped me immensely. It was after I discovered I had a problem and sought help that I realised I could share this journey with others and help those who were the same. I  was extremely nervous about making this blog, I was expecting hate and people to think I was just moaning about my problems. But, as I learned from therapy, I ignored my thoughts that a blog was a bad idea and just made one.

I struggled with a name but eventually came up with ‘Pressed Deep’. Backwards it sounds like ‘depressed’ which shows I am turning my depression around and it hopefully reflects my change and development with this illness. It also has hints of pressing paper and printing which relates to how much I love to write so I thought the name was perfect. I decided not to put my real name on my blog and leave it anonymous in case anyone ever found out it was mine but now I am almost completely better, I mostly don’t care what people think and may put my name to the blog.

In creating my blog I came across some struggles such as the formatting and coding, which was all very complicated at first. No one seemed to be able to help either but, like all things in life, I managed to struggle through it and now understand (most) of my blog and what to do.

I was expecting no one to read my blog or even care but I was surprised at the support people give. People I have never met have reached out and helped me through this and I have been able to read and support similar bloggers to myself. Obviously, some posts don’t get reads whilst others get loads, either way I don’t mind because I love this blog. Although I only started it in August, it has seen me through my toughest part of my life and been really helpful for me and I hope others too.

Make your New Year resolution meaningful this year, something you really want to do. Not just lose weight or eat healthy because I can guarantee those things don’t matter. Do something for you. 

Thank you for reading! Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2017!


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