Cheesiest Christmas Films

I love Christmas films, especially the terrible, cheesy ones on the TV channel, Christmas24. There is something warming about the terrible acting, predictable story lines and awfully cheesy-ness of the whole films. So here’s a collection of some of the best feel-good Christmas films that you should watch this Christmas eve:

Actually Good Christmas Films

  1. The Grinch – For any grumpy scrooges out there who hate Christmas, this film will help you change your mind.
  2. Elf – This hilarious story about a human Elf will definitely lift your spirits for Christmas.
  3. Christmas on 42nd Street (old or new) – A little girl finds out that santa does exist, heartwarming and very cute.
  4. It’s a Wonderful life – ONE OF THE BEST!! This is a beautiful film, please don’t be put off by the black and white like I was for years. Watch this if you are sufering with any mental health issue that I speak about in my other blog posts. If there is only one film you watch this christmas make it this one!
  5. Home Alone – Finally a film without a romance. This film will make you laugh as a little boy defends himself against intruders.
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas – I love Tim Burton so obviously this film did not disappoint. Perfect if you like the gothic Christmas style.

Children’s Christmas Films (that you can still watch!)

  1. Arthur Christmas – This animated film is about santa and his family and how they save christmas, quite funny and uplifting. Worth a watch.
  2. The Snowman – This is a short film you can easily fit around your busy christmas schedule. With beautiful music.
  3. Rudolph – I used to watch this when I was younger and always remember it being so good I would watch it in the Summer.

Terrible But Great Cheesy Christmas Films

  1. A royal christmas – She finds out her boyfriend is a prince (of France or England, the film seems to get the two countries confused which is quite funny). Really terrible acting but the predictable ending is uplifting and cute.
  2. Four Christmases – Family get togethers at christmas (of course)
  3. Love Actually – Not one of my favourites but worth a mention, lots of confusing love triangles.
  4. The holiday – Two women with different lives decide to swap for Christmas and, of course, find love.
  5. 12 Men of Christmas – Awful acting but great.
  6. Battle of the Bulbs – Neighbours fight over who can have the most impressive Christmas light display.
  7. A Boyfriend for Christmas – Another terrible acting but cheesy and great film.
  8. Dear Santa – Again, see above. All these films are the same.
  9. Holidaze – She falls down the stairs, gets concussion and changes her mind about Christmas. Terrible but fantastic.
  10. Another about Santa’s daughter – I cannot remember the name of this film but I remember it being terribly great.

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody and enjoy watching these super cheesy films!


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