People LOVE You

People love you. I can guarantee you can think of at least one person who completely loves you. Whether this be your friend, family member, partner, dog – it really doesn’t matter who they are you just have to remember, no matter how bad it gets, they really love you and will be by your side through anything.

I have had times when I have been so low and I believed that no one would care if I wasn’t even around anymore but recently I have come to realise that they really do love me. I am lucky enough to have several people love me, even though just one is enough. If you are aware that one person loves you all the time you can think of them in your darkest moments and just that thought will give you strength. Without realising or even knowing it, that person/s will be the reason you are here today and going strong. We all need people to love us and we all need to remember this love at all times.

When I spoke out to my family about what I am going through and how bad my depression made me feel I was shocked at how they reacted, I knew they loved me but I didn’t ever appreciate how much. I had the same response from my boyfriend, who has helped me through every step of this, and also mainly one of my friends. Since telling them all, they have shown me that I am loved in different ways. For example, my friend and my mum wrote me a list of great things about my life that I can read when I get sad. Just the thought of writing something like that which I can hold onto is a small but really poignant expression of love.

But, these people don’t need to show me they love me or prove it any way because now I know. Knowing about this love for me has really kept my head above the water, I feel so much better than I used to feel.

I have also witnessed this from other people who are effected. I have seen the heartbreak and sadness of losing someone when it wasn’t their time to leave and it really puts things into perspective. This extremely sad and heartbreaking situation is not the answer for anyone. Although, hurting yourself may seem like the easiest escape from the pain it is not worth it at all. Think about the people your life has an effect on, every single one of those people who you have met throughout your life will be effected by your actions. Watch the Christmas film, ‘It’s a wonderful life’ for a lovely, heart warming demonstration of this.

Whenever you feel low or sad try to remember that you are completely, undoubtedly loved. The people who love you are the reasons you should fight your mental illness and not give in. I can do it so you can too!

If you ever need any help or support or just want to talk, you can email me at If you need help urgently call Samaritans on 116 123, they are really helpful.


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