Lady Gaga – Joanne Album Review

On the 21st October Lady Gaga released her new album – Joanne! I was very excited to be able to listen to new music by Gaga and the album has not disappointed. Although she is straying away from pop and the album has more of a country, folk vibe I still love it.

1 Diamond Heart

This first song has hints of her older songs with a pop-style chorus. This song is a fun, catchy, all-american tune but nothing too ground-breaking.

The lyrics are about a girl straight out of school who has become a Go-go (dancer in a club, similar to a stripper). She sings about all the money she makes and even though she is pretty broken and treated badly by ‘assholes’ and creepy men she has a diamond heart and knows her dreams deep down.

Rating 6/10

2  A-YO

This is possibly the most pop sounding song on the album with hints of country. I like how she sings in this song for the most part but the parts in which she sings ‘A-Yo’ are just slightly annoying. The music and lyrics are just too repetitive for me, she sings about smoking and that’s about it, but this song is a bit of fun, nothing too substantial – easy to dance to though!

Rating: 5/10

3 Joanne

This is my favorite song on the album. It has a soft guitar backing and gentle lyrics with a lot of meaning. I interpret this song to be Lady Gaga comforting someone, telling them they should stay in this world. When she sings, “Girl, where do you think you’re going?” it seems as if she is a mother almost scolding her daughter for feeling sad and wanting to leave which is really beautiful. I listened to this whilst I was struggling and it really helped me keep on my feet so that is probably why I have such an attachment to it.

This song is Gagas’ most personal about her aunt who died of Lupus, she said the tragedy has stayed with the family ever since. I think it is really lovely to sing about someone in this touching way and I really feel something when I listen to this song.

Rating 10/10

4 John Wayne

Another pretty pop/country song about a real cowboy man; John Wayne. John Wayne was an actor and director, Gaga sings how she is bored of the city men and wants a real cowboy guy to take her for a wild ride. This song is very similar to her older stuff and another catchy, easy-to-dance-to song.

Rating 5/10

5 Dancing In Circles

This is another county-type song. She sings about how she touches herself thinking of a certain man. The lyrics are all very focused around her touching herself and ‘Dancing in circles’ refers to the movement of herself whilst doing it, it is written in a very clever way but it is pretty obvious what she is singing about! Funky backing music and interesting different styles are integrated, probably to represent the different feeling for her whilst doing this act.

Rating 7.5/10

6 Perfect Illusion

I have written a whole separate blog post about this song and the video; Read about it here! This was a song that was released earlier than the album, it took a while to grow on me but now I really like it paired with the video.

Rating: 6/10

7 Million Reasons

This song was also released before the album and is such a beautiful song. Although the lyrics are pretty repetitive I really like the slow guitar (much like Joanne). Gaga’s voice in this song is so soothing and melodic, I imagine this to be very powerful to see live. I really love this son and singing along to it!

The lyrics are about a relationship that is coming to the end, everything seems to go wrong and she is in a lot of pain staying with this person, I assume it is about Taylor Vinney. She sings that she wants one good reason to stay and is desperately searching for it. It is a lovely but sad love song.

Rating 9/10

8 Sinners Prayer

Another country sounding song! I like the lyrics to this one and the little story it tells, it is almost a love song but with a dark underlying theme, I have listened to this song several times but I am still unsure as to the real message behind this song. I hope there will be a music video to this because although it sounds easy going I picked up a slightly sinister theme, and a video would illustrate this perfectly.

Rating 7.5/10

9 Come To Mamma

This is a song about love, pace and coming together. Lady Gaga acts maternally towards the world telling everyone to be happy with everyone’s differences and to put aside everyones different views, looks and lives and to be full of love instead of war. This is a very jazzy, 50s sounding, happy song and sounds very much like a Christmas song – which I think is great!

Rating 9/10

10 Hey Girl

This is a collab song with Florence from Florence + the Machine and their voices work so well together! This song is about girls coming together and working alongside each other, it has a great girl-power message with two impressively powerful voices. Everything about this song has potential to be great but in reality it is just quite slow and doesn’t change much, making it quite dull.

Rating 4/10

11 Angel Down

This is a very beautiful ballad with a powerful, political message. There are lots of gun metaphors within the song which reflects the problems of gun crime within america, this is especially poignant following the recent tragedies. Lady Gaga sings about the subject sensitively and beautifully. The work tape on the deluxe album is a raw version of this song which is much more angry and moving. I love Gaga’s raw voice on this track.

Rating 9/10

12 Grigio Girls

This song is about women coming together and having fun drinking despite the mess of the world. I think if this song was slightly more pop sounding LOADS of girls around the world would listen to this together at their pre-drinks. Personally, I like the tempo of the song as it is but it would definitely be more popular if it was more punchy.

Rating 6/10

13 Just Another Day

This is a really happy sounding song and seems like it is picked straight out of a musical. The lyrics are slightly unnerving though, it seems as if it is a love song but she sings about ignoring the bad things he does and it seems as if she just gives up saying ‘It’s just another day’.

Rating 6.5/10


Overall, I love this album more and more with every day! It is a very raw, stripped back album which contrasts from Gagas’ usual pop scene. She has a new look to go with her new album and I think it is all great!




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