Halloween costumes

Its Halloween again! Since I was young I have had unrealistic expectations of my Halloween outfits, I get a perfect, scary idea in my head but when I try to dress up it often fails and I end up looking pretty ridiculous, but its all part of the fun! I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for anyone who is still stuck and doesn’t know what to be.


  • Harambe

    There is also a lot of hype over this poor gorilla, dressing as a gorilla or making fun of the whole situation is pretty disrespectful.

  • A Cat

    Every year there will be several people who decide to be a cat. Usually, their outfit is just some ears and drawn on whiskers. This outfit is so boring! If you really have to dress as a cat (which isn’t a scary costume) then at least make an effort. Perhaps you could try out a bat costume instead?

  • Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

    I do think this is a good idea and would be very fun to dress up as BUT so will everyone else. I think this costume will be very popular this year and you don’t want to be the same as everyone else.

  • Vampire/Ghost/Witch

    Unless you are going for a specific vampire, ghost or witch, this outfit is boring and predicatble.


  • Any Pokemon

    Although this is again a trend and many people may do it, can’t say I am a part of this trend though, there is a lot of choice and it would be a pretty funny outfit. Especially if you are a pokeBall. Perhaps avoid just using this as an excuse to wear a Pikachu onesie though that is very boring!

  • Alien

    I am terrified of aliens and I am pretty sure many other people are too – so surely this is perfect? You can scare people and can do pretty much whatever you like and put in as much effort as you wish, no one actually knows what aliens look like so just go mad!

  •  Clown

    There is a lot of hype over clowns at the minute with them springing up and scaring people everywhere. This may make you believe that it is a good idea to follow the trend but don’t just copy what everyone else is doing, be more original! Dressing as a clown gives you a range of different make up and outfit ideas.

  • Any Disney Character

    This is always a cute idea and there is so many options! Although this is not a very scary idea it is easy to fulfill last minute.

  • Celebrity

    This is also not scary but very easy to do, and potentially very funny. You could go cool and sexy like Rihanna or funny and ridiculous like Donald Trump!

  • Zombie

    This can easy be achieved, basically wear what you would normally but make yourself look dead! Easy!

Let me know what you will be dressing up as this Halloween and have fun!




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