Book Review: Vampyres of Hollywood

The Vampyres of Hollywood was co-written by Adrienne Barbeau and Micheal Scott. I was interested to find out how they wrote it together as the chapters were set out in turn of the perspective of two main characters, perhaps they wrote a chapter each? That would be cool  if so, but I think they just checked over one another’s work. However it was written, they worked well together and created a flow, I could see no clash of styles which I was initially worried about.

I picked this book up from a charity shop, I am not entirely sure why, it is not my usual book. I think something about the cover drew me in as it was dark with a hint of celebrity, I wanted to know how those two worlds would combine. I put off reading it for about a year but I have finally got around to it and I can honestly say it is better than I expected!

The story was quite slow to progress to begin with but the ending seemed very quick and sudden. I didn’t like this change in pace but it only happened the once, it felt as if the ending was rushed, which perhaps it was. I preferred the slower areas as I managed to get to know each character well and decide if I like them or not, which I love to do with any book I read. The characters were great in this story! The range of people in the story were really fun to read about, they were all described so well and in a perfect amount of detail I managed to build a very good image in my head for every single one, even minor characters. There was a lawyer, a homeless man, a barman, a special effects manager, a slimy, smelly preacher/tour guide/map seller and so many others! I loved the fact that at least a page was dedicated to each and every character to help you really picture them rather than the authors skipping over their descriptions because they are minor, which is often the case.

I also enjoyed the different murders at the beginning, these were very creative and almost comical – in a good way. I felt shocked by the methods of murder but at the same time I wasn’t scared or uneasy. This is difficult for a book to do as usually I get a bit anxious reading about murder which I feel for a while after I put it down. The Vampyres of Hollywood was good in that I could completely detatch myself when I wanted to but at the same time get really stuck in when I was reading.

As for the story, it was good but probably nothing more than good. It was enjoyable to read and I would recommend as a light, predictable read but there were no major plot twists or complications. It was very much; murder, detective work, suspicions build, suspicions were right, big fight, happy ending. Not very original.

I have to mention the ending because I really did not like it. It was supposed to be a happy ending but technically it wasn’t because Maral (who was in love with Ovsanna, worked extremely hard for her and almost lost her life for her) got nothing. The love of her life ended kissing someone else – a guy for that matter! I did not like how the detective was the perfect guy in the end, it felt as if he was only the happy love ending because he was the ‘hero’. Maral was the real hero but Ovsanna liked the detective and decided to be with him in the end despite several areas of the book portraying sexual tension and flirting between Maral and Ovsanna – she shouldn’t have led her on! This part irritated me as it felt wrong.

Overall, the book was okay. Worth reading as a bit of fun but not very substantial or intellectual.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Favorite Character: Maral


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