Book Review: The Academy, Love Match by Monica Seles

I picked up the first book of ‘The Academy; game on’ from a charity shop for £1 and I read it on holiday. I really enjoyed it and thought it was so funny and packed with drama, coupled with the cliff hanger ending I bought the second book ASAP!

I took ‘The Academy; Love Match’ with me on a short break with my boyfriend (as he secretly enjoyed the drama of the first book and wanted to know more too) and we read it in about 2 days. It was a lot shorter than I expected and didn’t really have much of a story. The cliff hanger was only briefly referenced and the second book seemed to just be a story of her continued life, nothing that exciting really happened.

I was pretty disappointed with the second book and I think my boyfriend was too. There was no resolution of any problems raised in the first book. We still do not know which Reed brother she prefers, she still hates Nicole and nothing much else happened. The only main theme was that Nicole had an injury that only Maya knew about but the final unveiling of this injury was extremely disappointing and pretty boring.

In addition to this, we found many, very obvious, typos and mistakes which is forgivable if there is one but there were quite a few. This got pretty annoying as you can imagine.

I did like the cyclical nature of the book starting and ending with a tennis match against a new character Dona but that was about it. Compared to the first book there was hardly any drama and it was just a bore to read. Unfortunately, Monica Seles failed with this second book, it just dragged out the first one which could have been tied up and finished in itself. She may redeem it by writing a third, with this second book acting as an in-between story to tie the first and last book together. Let us hope!

I was very disappointed with the second book. The first book was very well written with many twists and turns and I am sorry to say ‘The Academy; Love Match’ paled in comparison. Read the first but I wouldn’t bother with the second (just make up your own ending for the cliff hanger!)


My Rating: 2/10

My Favorite character: Cleo, I have gone off Renee as she tried to change Cleo’s individuality and I do not think that is right.

Boyfriends Rating: 3.5/10

Boyfriends Favorite Character: Nails


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