Book Review: According To Yes by Dawn French

My mum asked me to read this before her to let her know whether it was worth her reading. It is definitely my mums type of book; light hearted, warm and funny. I was not overly aware of Dawn French, I only know her from ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ which I do think is very funny but I did not even realise she wrote books so it was a nice surprise.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. I liked the conversational style it was written in as it gave the book a more personal feel, like you were really involved with the characters. The story was easy to follow and really quite funny, I actually laughed out load at some points. The story is just so ridiculous in a great way, I found myself cringing, laughing, smiling, shocked all round at how the main character, Rosie, could get herself into such a situation. Without spoiling the story, it involved sex scandals and shocking but humorous revelations.

I especially enjoyed Rosie’s way of thinking which may be similar to Dawn French’s attitude to life. If so, I will read or watch her more! She was very positive and seemed like a bright, happy person. Even when things had gone wrong she seemed to laugh at it and keep the atmosphere light. I know if I had to deal with everything Rosie does, I would not cope in the same way but I wish that I could. Even when she cries she seems to pull herself together very quickly and looks at the brighter side instead, which is lovely. If Rosie was real, I would want her as a friend.

On the other hand, the character Glenn represents the complete opposite of Rosie. I sometimes found the story to be too harsh on Glenn, I know she was the ‘baddie’ so to speak but I feel like she could have been helped out more. This was kind of addressed at the end but not enough for me. This may be because I feel Glenn had some kind of mental health issue that needed more attention. For example, Rosie did do bad things but I found myself instantly forgiving her because she was such a lovely person whereas Glenn didn’t do much that seemed to be an issue it was just something she had developed as she got older that made everyone dislike her. I thought this was quite unfair and unrealistic in some ways. I don’t think Rosie had any guilt for what she did which made her seem quite selfish to me. You may disagree.

Another thing that some people love, some people hate is the ending. You didn’t find out a crucial part. (spoiler) Who was the babies daddy? I don’t know if there will be a second book but I feel like Dawn French left it like that for the reader to decide. I personally would have preferred to know because I am nosy and like to know everything but fair enough for it be left unsaid.

Overall, this was a good, happy book. There are some parts of the story I would change but I would recommend reading it because it was a feel-good book.


My Rating: 7/10

Favorite Character: Glenn, because I felt sorry for her and I don’t think she was really all that bad.



Who Was The Daddy? Logically, it would probably be Teddy, the youngest, as he is most likely to be the most fertile. But I think it was Thomas, the oldest, as Rosie had the strongest connection with him and he was referenced more often.

Let me know who you thought it was.



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