My Fight

This fight is painstakingly slow for someone impatient, like me.

This fight is ridiculously hard for someone weak, like me.

This fight sometimes seems impossible.

This fight exhausts my body,mind and soul,

But I will not let it defeat me, again.


It pushed me to the edge of life,

I was unsteady, teetering,

Almost giving in and falling to the abyss.

I was a hair away from sacrifice,

The lies it whispered; ‘You will be our martyr’, ‘You are the Queen of Melancholia’

Were almost my truths.


But I am no longer playing for that crown,

I am fighting for my soul,

To get back all that was stolen from me;

Confidence. Laughter. Self-Worth. Happiness.

With each, I am born again.

With each, I stand stronger,

And when I reach Happiness,

I know I have truly won.


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