Notice the Pretty Things

We all rush through life with blinkers on, we go so fast that we miss all the pretty things around us. To avoid missing anything I bought myself a little cheap digital camera. I am no photographer, in fact I am a really bad photographer but I thought it would help me notice more if I have to look around for nice photographs.

The camera helps you notice things pretty easily – there actually is a lot to see if you just look up, down, to the sides, inside things or from a different angle! Things you would otherwise miss, I definitely would have just walked past without a glance in their direction.

Here are some examples of things I have picked out from my holiday last week:

Many of these things would have been missed. Try looking out for things around you that seem pretty and would make a nice picture – you don’t have to have a camera to look out for these things!

Plants and flowers are something I have never been particularly interested in but looking closer at them it is amazing how different they all are. They are incredibly bright, fragile and beautiful (and amazing to photograph):

Since taking lots of random pictures on holiday I have found myself noticing small things wherever I go and automatically thinking ‘ that would make a nice picture’ even when I don’t have my camera. If you get into the habit of doing something like this it makes it easier to notice small, pretty things without actively searching. It only took me two weeks to get into this habit and it is really nice now when you discover something that others may have overlooked.


Like this guys bottom!


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