How To Cope With Holiday Blues

We all feel the effects of coming home from a holiday or the end of summer. We have had a break from our routines but now we need to come back and go back to work, school, life. For most people it sucks but I have devised these ways you can cope with the sad feelings that come along with the end of a holiday.

I got back from my holiday yesterday and now it is rainy and cold – all of which are not helping my mood! So I asked the people I went on holiday with how they manage to feel okay. Here is what they said;

E: I do feel deflated to come home but I look at all the holiday pictures to make me smile. I also get back into routine as quickly as possible.

Looking at your holiday photos can make you smile as you remember the memories you have made but when I finished looking through them I just felt sad again. It would probably be better to look at the photos and remember the happy times and be thankful that you are lucky enough to experience those memories and be ready to make many more.

Getting back to routine is a good idea as it can help distract your mind. That is exactly what I have done, writing and continuing with hobbies and projects I currently have on the go. It has really made me feel happier to know I am working on something. Try anything out, walking, drawing, crafts or even your own blog!

N: I feel sad to come home but I just look forward to the next one!

I think this is actually very good advice. I have arranged to go away with my boyfriend to his family’s caravan in a few weeks and that is now the main focus of my mind. I am really looking forward to another weekend break and I am lucky enough to be able to go for cheap. Just thinking about this makes me happy so it is a good idea to arrange something to make you feel excited.

If it is not possible for you to book something else as I understand holidays and trips are expensive, plan to go the cinema or a day out somewhere nice. Even if it a picnic trip to a lovely local park this still gives you something nice to look forward to and an anticipation that will distract your mind.

R: I feel different, kind of OK but sad about going home. I look forward to comfort and my own bed.

I think this is a good point. Focus on the nice things about your home, things you may not notice or even think about like your bed or your sofa. Think about your little space you have to yourself and how you’ve made it your own, you do not have this on holiday so look forward to having all your own little things back.

You could also compare your holiday to your home. For example if you have been to a hot country, you may come back to colder weather but at least you have plants and green, healthy grass. The bed on holiday may have been hard or springy whereas your bed at home may be a lot comfier. Or even the bed sheets; on holiday they may have been an ugly floral pattern and your ones at home may be much more to your taste.

It is the little things like this that make you feel a bit better about going home.


Our family have a tradition in which at the end of every holiday we get Chinese takeaway. Having something like this can you give you something to look forward to. Even if you get in and watch your favorite movie.

It is important to recognise that in order to cope with the holiday blues you need to distract your mind. So, to recap, try;

  • Remember your happy holiday memories
  • Get back into routine quickly
  • Book or arrange the next holiday, trip or day out
  • Remember all the nice little things about home

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