The Scary but Soothing Sea

I’m currently on holiday and we are lucky enough to have scorching hot sunshine! Obviously this means a trip to the beach (only a 5 minute walk away).

We arrived at the beach at completely the wrong time of day because the sea was at high tide, really high tide, there wasn’t even a beach! Just rolling waves and a large body of water.


‘Oh well we may as well wait now we’re here!’

So we grabbed some ice creams and sat on the never ending steps into the sea until it finally backed away and offered us some sand. Several book chapters and a salted caramel ice cream later we had some pebbly sand to settle onto.

I attempted to go in the sea but it was ice cold and so murky, quite unnerving! Mostly because I have a huge fear of jellyfish. So much to my brothers annoyance we went back in to the safety of land.

Another chapter later I risked it again. Obviously nothing had changed and I was still keeping my eyes peeled for the evil jelly tentacles when a soaking wet sponge ball hit me at some force. This commenced a game of piggy in the middle. In the end I was falling about in the murky water, dipping my whole head under and laughing without a care in the world.

It was so lovely to escape the familiar land for a little while and I felt better for it afterwards. Better in my body and in my mind.

Although I was scared at first I ended up having a great time and feeling really happy. Maybe you need to overcome any small fears and realise that those worries you hold are either non existent (as there were no jellyfish) or worth ignoring in order to have fun. 🙂


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