Book Review: All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki

This was my final Ruth Ozeki book I had left to read and I was so excited to get stuck in. The two previous books that I have read of hers were two of my all time favorites – especially a tale for the time being, so I was expecting a lot from this one. (Plus I love Ruth she is such an interesting person!)

All over creation did not disappoint. The story follows many characters and allows you to explore each characters life and thoughts incredibly. I have not read another author that writes two separate, completely different personalities and viewpoints so well. For example, Cass is struggling to conceive and her sadness and disappointment is written as if the author herself was writing from experience – it feels so real. But then she writes from Yumi’s perspective in which she has three healthy children and you relate perfectly with that character as if that is also written from experience. Despite myself not experiencing any of the issues within the book I felt completely involved with all of their whirlwind lives.

The story is centered around Genetically Modified crops. Which, admittedly, I do not know as much about as I probably should. It involved characters who were fighting them, planting them, didn’t really care about them or were just there for the ride. Each and every character touched my heart or, equally, riled me up.

Incredibly written, (obviously, as Ruth is my favorite author) interesting, original and a great read. If you have not read one of her books before – do it! Her stories all evolve around Japan and America (and Canada in A Tale for the Time Being), richly cultural countries in themselves. If you have an interest in culture her books explore these nicely, linking them in with the stories. If you enjoy food and like to know about what you are eating, where from and how she explores this topic very well. Along with the underlying themes and topics which Ruth has obviously researched incredibly well or experienced herself the stories are captivating and uplifting. It is wonderful to be swept up into the character’s lives. I am truly sad I have finished her three books but I plan to read her shorter writings and watch her self written and directed films.

My rating: 10/10

My Favorite Character: Yumi Fuller because she is stubborn and although she makes mistakes or is exasperating for some of the other characters as she gives into temptation easily, she has a good heart and reminds me of myself.



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